Free! Group Buys

Please Read:

  • I am buying 1 box per item set. These boxes are blind packaged. I will take up to 3 claims per item per box but please do not be offended if I dont pull everything.

  • I wont ask for payment until AFTER I have got the box in my hands.

  • Prices stated are just the prices per item. No external or internal shipping can be calculated yet.

  • If you claim more than 1 item from me I am happy to hold them for you so I can ship them all together and save you money.

  • I have included all the info that I can at this stage.

  • Be warned. Im after all the Rins.

  • All shipping to me from Japan is split between everyone evenly. I will make a spreadsheet if people would like that.

  • I have over 700 positive feedback on eBay and over 100 on pkmncollectors.

  • First come first serve on the claims.

  • Comment to claim!

  • I will reply to comments here when I am needing to take the money from you.

This shouldnt be too much once split between everyone evenly.

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Pokemon Meme

Okay so this is meant to run over x amount of days but eh, I feel like doing it all in one go! So heres an epic pokemon Meme!

Click the cut for the whole thing ;)

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Card Trading Post

This is for people over at pkmncollectors

I have sales permission by denkimouse

My Card Wants List Here

While I still havent gotten around to sorting out my cards into deck typed please just ask if theres any cards you may want to trade with me. I have literally about 2000 cards and I need to shift and swap some of these.

I do prefer to trade, though if you dont have any cards I need, Im sorry, im not interested in anything ^_^;
If I have cards that you need but you dont have any I need im more than happy to sell them to you.

I have way over 300 rares/holo's too and a shit ton of commons/uncommons :'D


Custom Charms

Aimed at people at pkmncollectors 


-I ship from the UK
- This will be 'comission based work' so I will draw every persons request. I may reprint designs that I've drawn for myself, which will be cheaper E.G My Sawk & Throh design will be made into charms at a cheaper price.



-I ship worldwide

Charm Pricing
(Shipping included in price)

-Any Pokemon $5

-Humans $6

(keeping these under a link to not clutter up the post)

I will be making as many as I can for now so I do hope some of you are interested :)


Okay, so it seems I never update this thing so, I start TODAY!

For the last 3 years ive been working night shifts for a super market but while sitting with my mother this morning she was looking at the jobs in the local paper and told me about a position for becoming a Student in a veterinary surgery. Guys, this is my ultimate DREAM JOB!! So I ran like a hooker in church up them stairs and printed off a CV ASAP!

Ever since being a wee kiddie winkle, Ive wanted to look after animals after having an operation to make sure they get better ok, so this is perfect. If I do get this job, although I really highly doubt that, I would have to move out from home and live in accomodation above the surgery incase of any emergency calls :>

Ugh...Im so excited and nervous I feel sick! Wish me luck!!! DX